Glimpse Into My Life… Pt. 22

Around Thanksgiving in 2017, I started to notice something was a tad bit off with the vision from my right eye. If I closed by of my eyes, I could see a small greyish green circle in my right eye that would start to fade. If I only kept my right eye open, I could tell that everything was becoming greyed/washed out. I use computer monitors every day for my job, so I started to think my eyesight must be going bad. I also thought that maybe I was just tired and I needed some rest.

Two days later, I noticed that, along with the greyish green circle, my vision was also completely blurry in that same area. I was looking at different objects in my house and would notice that I couldn’t tell that object was even there when only looking out of my right eye. This, of course, started to worry me. I talked with my family about this, and they recommended that I stop at America’s Best (a contact/glass company that does eye testing) to get my eyes looked at.

I visited the America’s Best the next day. They ran a lot of test on my eyes and couldn’t see anything that was wrong. The doctor then decided to dilate my eyes so he could get a better look at my retina. Of course, when dilating the eyes, this event can take about twenty minutes for the eyes to become completely dilated. I went out into the lobby to start looking at glasses, so I could pick out a frame that I would like once they figured out what the issue was. As I was looking around, I decided to take the following photo and post it to the social web.

I thought it it was a funny photo. I added the caption: “Getting my eyes tested. Something is wrong with my right eye. But look at the dilation. That is one sexy look. Hahaha.”

Unfortunately, I didn’t leave there purchasing glasses. As the doctor took a closer look into my retina, he discovered that part of the retina looked oddly shaped. He told me that the retina looked like there was a hump in it. He said jokingly: “The good news is, is that you don’t need glasses.” Then in a more serious tone: “The bad news is, we are going to need to have a specialist look at it.”

Two days later, I’m at a retina center to have a specialist look into my eye. This place was busy. I was sitting in a big waiting area awaiting for my name to be called. Looked like there were over 100 people waiting there. I was told they were squeezing me in because they take eye issues serious. I did like the fact that this team was on it. They did a punch of different smaller test on me, then they dilated both eyes this time so I had even a sexier image to post on the social web.

After they dilated my eyes. They had me sit in a smaller waiting area that had about twenty chairs. There were about ten people sitting here waiting to move on to the next step as well. I jokingly said: “Sooo, they move us from a big waiting area to this waiting area. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if there was a third smaller waiting area next.”

Right after this, I was sent into this very small room. In this room where two chairs, a computer, and a medium sized image capture machine. They lady was preparing something in a fresh needle and asked me to take a seat in front of this camera. As I took my seat, she asked me to lay my right hand on a pad. Then she started to wrap a thick rubber band or something around my upper arm, just above my elbow. I said out loud: “I never thought my first time trying heroin would be at an eye doctor.” We both laughed as she start to tap two fingers on my upper lower arm to get the blood vessel appearing better.

Before she stuck me with the needle, she told me what this solution will help do. Apparently, this solution will travel through your bloodstream, and the camera will be able to capture all the smaller blood vessels easier within the eye. She did tell me there was a negative effect of this solution. She told me to not be surprised if my urine for the next 24 hours came out bright yellow. I thought: “This is going to be odd”. She did her test, then had me wait in a third waiting area. And yes, this waiting area was smaller. Ha. Jokes on me.

Once all the test were done, it was revealed that there was liquid that got behind my retina and it was pushing the retina inward. The doctor then tells me that over 90% of the patients that have this happen, it will go away. He told me that it should heal in about 6-8 weeks. Once healed, I may still have slight blurriness, but it will be much better than it is now. The doctor said to image a pingpong ball that you accidentally put a small dent in. You can pop that dent out, but sometimes you can still tell where the original dent was. That was the same case here, the retina is stretched out because of this liquid behind it. Once the liquid goes away, the retina will settle back but will have a small hump because of the stretching.

I then head back home. I was hungry so I stopped to grab dinner to take home with me. I finished eating dinner and needed to use the restroom. And holy shit, my urine was yellow. It is hard to describe how yellow this urine was. It was super yellow. It almost made my urine look fake. The good news was that by the next morning, it was all out of my system.

6 Weeks Later…

I head back to the eye specialist for a follow-up appointment so they can see how my eye is doing. I could already tell that my eyesight was improving. They dilated my right eye to have a good look at it and take some more photos. Looking at the results, the retina had settled back down and only had a small hump in it. The doctor and I were relieved. He mentions to me that in another 6-8 weeks, my eyesight will almost be as good as it use to be. Then he tells me that 30% of people that have this issue will get it in the other eye at some point. I was thinking: “Great”.

As of right now, my eyes are both working well. I can tell my right eye has improved a lot over the past 2 months. I am thankful for the two practices that helped me to make sure everything was going to be OK. I am truly grateful to them.

If you notice anything that ever happens to your vision, please seek help immediately. Many serious issues can be resolved if the problem is caught early enough.


Glimpse Into My Life… Pt. 21

This will be a hard one to write…

As a few of you may know, there has been a big sudden change in my life. Although I still feel it is a dream and I don’t want to accept it, reality does start to set in after awhile. During this post, I will not come out exactly and say what is happening, but please be sure that I am OK.

Life is rough when it wants to be. I am usually always a happy person with a big heart. You can usually always find me smiling and enjoying life wherever I am. About two weeks before Christmas, my heart stopped. Or maybe, I was just dreaming and I can’t find a way to wake up. Life as I knew it, just did a 180 on me, and I didn’t know how to flip it back. I cried, I meditated, and then I knew what lead to this sudden change.

Many people go through their life never truly understanding what it is like to find someone that truly cares for them and has love for them. The few that do are usually considered the lucky ones. Or soulmates. Or blessed. However you want to word it, you know when you have found that special someone. That person that can make you always have a better day. That person that makes you smile and laugh. That person that you would like to wake up next to for the rest of your life. That person that you were never looking for, but your heart just was like: “Oh, there you are!”.

I am currently living with some family as I am going through my current change. Some days, not going to lie, are very hard while other days are OK. I am thankful for my family for allowing me to stay at their place as I refocus and get back on track. However, the more that I refocus, the more time I spend thinking about how to change things back and for the better.

As I mentioned in my last post, An Update…, things have changed in my life. These changes are not all for the better, but I am trying to make everything worth it. I’m coping, I’m understanding, and I’m trying to make things work. For better or worse, I’m not giving up easily. But just like the image says at the top, sometimes the mind already knows what the heart hasn’t accepted yet. Or maybe, the heart is stronger than the mind and doesn’t give up as easily.

This year will definitely be an interesting one. If I can give any advise about love, this would be it: If you love someone, make sure they know they are love and know they are appreciated. Make sure you are caring for them, listening to them, and spending time with them. Make sure that you are doing the little things. Trust me, the little things are noticed. Always tell them that you love them and always tell them how beautiful/handsome they are.


Glimpse Into My Life… Pt. 20

When the iPhone 4 was announced, I was totally excited to soon upgrade to this device. I was still using an iPhone 3G as I skipped on upgrading to the iPhone 3GS. This iPhone, now being an all time favorite of iPhone owners, was mocked and made fun of for its design in the beginning. 

My father and I wanted to upgrade to this device. We decided, for a first, to camp out at our local Apple Store so we could get our hands on this new device on launch day.  We made plans, a few days prior, to make sure we would be some of the first customers in line. 

My father was a truck driver and just got off his shift (12 hours) and home around 10PM the night before. I worked as a manager at a grocery store and worked 10-8PM that day.  We met up at his house at 11PM and took off to the Apple Store. We arrived there just before midnight. 

When we arrived, the parking lot was empty except for four other cars.  We noticed that the cars had people in them, however; no one was waiting in line in front of the store. We decided to get out of our car and head up to the store. Once there, the other people joined us. We were all excited to be there

We stood in line for about 20 minutes before, what looked like, and over-weight Colonel Sanders mall cop came to the door. He opened the door and asked what we were doing. After explaining to him why we were there, he told us that we all had to leave. We refused. He then mentioned that he would call the police if we continue to refuse. 

We all started to head back to our cars and drive off the parking lot, however; we decided to park in the next parking lot over. We hung out there for about an hour, and started to notice more cars arriving. We decided it was time to head back over. 

When we arrived again, we noticed that there were people waiting in line. We decided to join them. Once again, about 20 minuets later, this mall cop appeared. This time he appeared in his mall cop car. Once he got out of the car, he tells us that he had called the police. We all looked at each other then asked Colonial Sanders why he did that. He just kept saying we were on private property, and had no right to be here. 

That’s when we heard the police sirens. We all ran back to our cars. Mostly everyone left, but my father and I decided to lean back in our chairs. With his tented windows and hardly any parking lot lights, the car appeared to be empty. The cops came and told everyone, that was still there, to leave. We could hear the cops telling them over a megaphone. 

Once everyone left, the cops left as well. My father and I were still hanging out in our car. We finally decided to turn the vehicle on to get some AC as it was hot. My father’s car allowed him to turn off all the exterior lights when it was turned on, however; this made the interior lights extremely bright. Whenever we would see the mall cop’s vehicle passing by, we would just turn the car off so we wouldn’t get caught. 

Time: 4:00 AM. 

From midnight til 4:00 AM, we went from a dozen people to over a thousand people. This, apparently, scared the mall cop because he called the police back. When the police arrived, we all simply told them we were there for the iPhone release. The police, deciding the crowd was too big, went ahead and started a formal line. 

Now, I’m not one to complain a lot. But this definitely made me upset. We went from 1st in line to 100th in line. To make matters worst, once the Apple store employees come out to speak to us, the devided the line up even further. 

The line to the  left are customers wanting to purchase the device, and the line to the right are customer who preorder the device for store pickup. We stayed about 100th in line, but it’s what Apple started to do that made us realize we were in for a long day…

For every one customer that was there to purchase the device, they would let in 10-20 customers who preorder the device. When it was time for the store to open, each line had over a thousand people.  The store opened at 8AM for this iPhone release. The store normally opens at 10AM. 

From 8AM until 4PM, my father and I waited in line. We saw many people in the preordered line come and go hours ago, but the preordered line just kept growing as the day went on. 

When we finally made it into the Apple Store, my father was able to purchase his iPhone 4, and I was able to purchase the two I needed. I also purchased a new Bluetooth earpiece from Jawbone, and I purchased my father and I each a MobileMe. 

By the time we arrived back to his house, it was already after 6PM. We were gone for 19 hours to purchase three smartphones. As crazy as it was, my father and I had a good time. We will forever have this memory of doing this together. 


Glimpse Into My Life Series

This series gives you some real insight to my life, the ups and downs that I have had, and amazing memories that I have shared. It took some looking back on some (good and bad), and I had to be brave on others. 

Many readers of this site have learned a great deal about me with these posts. From amazing times when I asked my wife to marry me, to sad times when my best friend moved away. One thing that I have always focused on is the truth. I have always viewed myself as an open book, and I wanted to share my story. 

I have some more “Glimpses Into My Life” posts coming up. From bad decisions I have made to amazing moments I have been in, I want to continue sharing my life and my story. 

If you have not read any or just a few of this series, I would recommend clicking on the link below and start from the first post. There are a total of nineteen, so far, in this series. I do hope you enjoy reading them, as much as I enjoyed writing them. 

Glimpse Into My Life Series 


A Glimpse Into My Life… Pt. XIX

As I look back over my past two years… There has been many people that have come into my life.  Many, of which, have come into my life in a positive way.  About two years ago, I reconnected with my best friend that I lost contact with because of my past marriage.  We had a lot of catching up to do, and we had to rebuild our friendship.  I was happy that she accepted me back into her life, because I definitely didn’t deserve it.

We went to a Lil Wayne concert together and she introduce me to two amazing women that I have become close with over the past two years: Tiffany and Shannon.  These two ladies got me out of the house and put me back into the social world.  From there, I have met many new friends.  Most, of which, are very close to my heart. If it wasn’t for these new people in my life, I don’t know where my life would be right now.  They helped me build a foundation in my life.  They helped me grow confidence in myself.  They helped bring happiness back into my life.

From meeting Tiffany and Shannon, I have meet two guys that I find cool as hell: Aaron and Jordan.  Though we might not always agree on everything, we all still enjoy each others company.  Partying with these two guys and the ladies always bring out good times.  Many memories come from many late Saturday night hangouts.

I feel I have lost connections with my friends.  One for reasons I don’t understand, and others for reasons of me not being able to get out and hang with them.  In other words, I need to step up and be there for my friends as they have stepped up and were there for me.  There is a big event coming up in two weeks… and it is going to be an awesome night.  This will be one for the memory books.

To all my friends that are close to me… I am sorry if I have been distant.  I have some areas of life that I do need to improve on, and I just want to let you know that you still have a friend here… I just hope I haven’t caused too much damage already.

Love everyone…


Our Vacation… Our Memories…


This vacation was an amazing one.  Not only did we have great weather for the majority of the time, it was also a great time with family.  We all enjoyed each others company, as well as, enjoyed our freedom to do individual things.



We had an awesome condo with lots of space and an incredible view…

Daytona Beach

We enjoyed wonderful walks on the beach every morning…

Daytona Beach Boardwalk

We visited the boardwalk…


We visited the light house…

Disney World Epcot

We visited Disney World’s Epcot…

Epcot Fireworks

Saw an amazing fireworks display at Disney World’s Epcot…

But to top it all off…


She said YES!


We are one happy couple in love!

If want to see more pictures of our vacation to Daytona Beach, click HERE!

To Be Continued…


A Glimpse Into My Life… Pt. XVIII


About eight weeks ago, I decided it was time to change my health. Moving in to the girlfriends house presented a new opportunity for me in this area. For her birthday last year, she asked for Insanity. Insanity is a crazy, crazy workout. This workout pushes you past a point you didn’t know existed time and time again.

Once moved in, we both were invited to attend a family trip to Florida. Once we accepted the invite, we both decided it was time to shape up or shut up. We have been kicking our own asses for seven weeks straight now, and the results are nothing but amazing.

Above is a picture taken at Day 1 and at Day 30 of a 60-day workout plan. As you can see, my stomach goes through a very nice transition in just the first month. I started with weighing above 235 lbs; as of today, I weigh 207 lbs. I have lost 30 lbs in the first 30 days.

I purchased myself a HRM (Heart Rate Monitor), so I can accurately see how many calories I burn during my workouts. I usually burn about 900 calories for every one hour of working out. That is an amazing workout to be burning that many. I also have changed my eating habits. I eat healthy, for the most part, now. I drink a lot of water throughout the day to help flush out the system. Also, I take vitamins to make sure my body is getting all the nutrition it needs.

I will post the 60 Day pictures in a few weeks… And then at that moment, I will continue this workout every other day, plus going to the gym three days a week for toning/shaping using weights. My goal is to be below 180 before we head to Florida at the end of the second week of July.

To be Continued…


A Glimpse Into My Life… Pt. XVII

Closing a chapter in your life is one of the hardest things to do…



I have walked many paths in my life.  I have seen more than I feel I should have.  I still dream of a “perfect life”, but I will settle for a life I see perfect.  There are many things in my life I am not proud of doing, however, even though I am not proud with some of my past, I still have to thank my past for the adventures I took.  If it wasn’t for my past, I wouldn’t be the man I am today.  Being able to take a step in the right direction, and to continue that step in the right directions, takes courage and strength.

Let It Go…

There is nothing more bothersome than thinking that you can save something, but to find out it’s way past dinner time.  Once you start this path, there is no going back.  You are closing this chapter.  You are never again going to focus on the subject, and if you do do-so, you will put yourself into a mental state of mind that is not healthy.

There is nothing that can prepare you for finally making that first step.  It’s like having a child… you can read all the books you’d like to; but until you have that experience, you won’t really understand how to handle it.  But handling it, you will.

Soul Searching…

Love thyself. Accept thyself. Forgive thyself. And be good to thyself.

Very important lesson I had to learn.  You can not accept a new beginning if you don’t first accept you in a new beginning.  I had to learn to accept my past, accept my failures, and forgive myself for the past that I had.  I had to learn to love myself and be true to myself. Only then… can you be ready for your new journey.

Let Happiness Find You…

The last thing I had to learn was harder for me than the rest… I needed to stop pushing for love.  I need to stop looking for that special someone.  I had to learn how to accept that fact that my love to myself was good enough until someone walked into my life that I could share that love with.  Searching only hurts the heart.  Only scars the soul.  Once I stopped searching for this… someone walked into my life that changed me forever.

Take Your Breath Away


To Be Continued…



A Glimpse Into My Life… Pt. XVI

The Vacation…

When my parents got a divorce I was only six, and although I didn’t understand everything that was going on… I did notice one thing that happened: I went on two vacation each summer.  My mother would take me somewhere in the summer, and my father would take me somewhere in the summer.

One year my father and I decided to take a Western Vacation.  We decided to stop at as many states and major cities that we could possibly stop at.  The vacation was going to last just a little over two weeks, and it would be a vacation that I would never forget…

We headed off to travel though Chicago and head to South Dakota.  We were headed to South Dakota to visit Mount Rushmore.  The travel was fun.  We would play the A-B-C game during the day, and if I was awake at night, we would play Pediddle.  We arrived to Mount Rushmore, and as we took the stairs up to the main deck overview, we noticed the heavy fog that was everywhere.  In fact, the fog was so thick that you couldn’t even see much past the deck to begin with.  We were both sadden by the fact that we would not be able to see Mount Rushmore, because we were only passing through, and not spending the night here.

We traveled on to Yellowstone Nation Park.  We stayed here just for a few days.  We have already been to Yellowstone the year before, so we decided to just visit for a few days this time.  We went to see the hot springs and watch good ‘ol Faithful shoot her hot steam.  We went to a few visiting centers and did some small tours.

My father had a camper shell on his truck.  As we were leaving Yellowstone, I decided to take a nap in the back, however; I was woken early when the truck hit a small bump and rocked me.  My eyes opened up slow… still tired… and I finally decided to look around to see where we were.  I noticed that the truck was moving very slowly and trees were to the left of us.  I then heard a noise and immediately looked right.  What I saw walking along the truck was breathtaking.  Walking horizontally to the truck, less than ten feet from me, was a Bison (also known as the American Buffalo).

I could see his eyes looking dead into mine as I got closer to look at him.  I can see his nostrils vibrate as he breathed in and out.  His body looked all muscle and his fur smelled like a dog after swimming in the local lake all day.  He stood tall.  Easily the height of the truck.  One look at this animal… and you would be convinced to not mess with him.

It wasn’t just this one Bison that was walking next to the road.  It was a herd of them.  In single file.  The reason we were moving slowly was because up ahead, the Bison were crossing to the other side of the street and headed off to an unknown destination.  There were easily twenty of these big fellas.  Every single one of them standing their ground and not-at-all worried about the vehicles next to them.

To Be Continued…



A Glimpse Into My Life… Pt. XV

Everyone has an obsession…

My obsession is speakers/headphones.  Over the years, I have tried and collected many different headphones in my life.  I have gone through many different speakers in cars and surround sound.  My love for music, how it sounds to my ears, has always been my search for perfection.  Something about a deep low bass hitting your ear drum that sends vibrations throughout your body thrills me.

I use to drop a lot of money on my car systems in my past, although I don’t have the cash today to do such things, I wish I still could have a system in my truck.  My first car, a Ford Escort, had some amazing subs in it.  Two 12″ Kicker Competition subs sounded amazing in that hackback.  The two Kickers almost vibrated my car apart.  I then went with a Jeep Cherokee and had two 12″ Blaupunkt subs in it, and those sounded amazing in the back of this vehicle.

Then I decided to upgrade my car to a Honda Accord and decided to drop some serious money into this ride.  In two years time, I dropped over 5K on equipment and upgrades to the sound for this car.  I lined the doors and trunk with Dynamat which was a sound insulator.  Dynamat kept the sound inside the car to make it louder, which also in turn, let less sound escape the car.  This product also helped with the vibrations on the car, making it sound me crisp and clean when the base hit.

I decided it was also time to upgrade the subs.  I went with two 15″ Orion HCCA subs.  These subs kicked some serious ass around town when showing off to friends and foes. I also had a four-way Blaupunkt amp to power my Blaupunkt component speakers.  I added blue LED lights in the trunk to show off all the different components to the system.  The radio and mixer in the dash were Alpine.  Alpine has the best radios in the industry, and they arguably still do today.

I haven’t done anything to my vehicles since my Honda… but I have been wanting to do a custom job to my truck.  Some day in the near future, I will get this done.

When it comes to headphones/earphones, I have an obsession to collect these.  My favorite pair, Shure SE550, ran me $600.  I have own these since 2008, and they still sound incredible.  I recently have purchased two different earphones.  Jay Bird’s Bluebuds X are bluetooth stereo earphones that sound amazing.  I can usually get about 7 hours of play time with these.  These earphones come with controls to adjust the volume, skip a song, repeat a song, and take phone calls.  I have been very pleased with these earphones.

My newest pair is one made by ZAGG.  They, very recently, released the ZR-Six.  These come with controls to skip, repeat, and take phone calls, however; you can not adjust the volume.  These earphones are made facing the wrong way.  The sub, mid, and tweeter are all facing away from your ear.  The design is quite brilliant.  They claim that reflective sound sounds better than a line of sight of sound.  They placed a “mirror” (if you will) to the far end of the earphones (furthest point away from your ear) that will “reflect” the sound back to your ear.  Think of it like a symphony… the stage is acoustically surround.  The music hits you in many different areas, and perfectly.  The sound isn’t coming straight at you, it’s being bounced to you.  These earphones have been surprisingly amazing.  I love using them.

I have also purchased a headphone for my DJ business.  These are amazing as well because they are designed with the DJ in mind.  They are made by Skullcandy.  They allow you to mute sound coming into the headphones with a click of a button.  They also allow you to attach different cords to them so these can be used in different ways.  They are called Mix Master.  If you get the chance to try them out, I would highly suggest that.

To Be Continued…