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A Glimpse Into My Life… Pt. XVII

Closing a chapter in your life is one of the hardest things to do…



I have walked many paths in my life.  I have seen more than I feel I should have.  I still dream of a “perfect life”, but I will settle for a life I see perfect.  There are many things in my life I am not proud of doing, however, even though I am not proud with some of my past, I still have to thank my past for the adventures I took.  If it wasn’t for my past, I wouldn’t be the man I am today.  Being able to take a step in the right direction, and to continue that step in the right directions, takes courage and strength.

Let It Go…

There is nothing more bothersome than thinking that you can save something, but to find out it’s way past dinner time.  Once you start this path, there is no going back.  You are closing this chapter.  You are never again going to focus on the subject, and if you do do-so, you will put yourself into a mental state of mind that is not healthy.

There is nothing that can prepare you for finally making that first step.  It’s like having a child… you can read all the books you’d like to; but until you have that experience, you won’t really understand how to handle it.  But handling it, you will.

Soul Searching…

Love thyself. Accept thyself. Forgive thyself. And be good to thyself.

Very important lesson I had to learn.  You can not accept a new beginning if you don’t first accept you in a new beginning.  I had to learn to accept my past, accept my failures, and forgive myself for the past that I had.  I had to learn to love myself and be true to myself. Only then… can you be ready for your new journey.

Let Happiness Find You…

The last thing I had to learn was harder for me than the rest… I needed to stop pushing for love.  I need to stop looking for that special someone.  I had to learn how to accept that fact that my love to myself was good enough until someone walked into my life that I could share that love with.  Searching only hurts the heart.  Only scars the soul.  Once I stopped searching for this… someone walked into my life that changed me forever.

Take Your Breath Away


To Be Continued…






It still amazes me how some can think they know what’s best… but what amazes me more, is when they “think they know what’s best” is pushed upon you… “Be curious… not judgmental” -Walt Whitman


A Glimpse Into My Life… Pt. VIII

As much as I do feel like I stand alone… I do have some amazing people in my life.

My parents have been there for me throughout it all.  They have given me courage, wisdom, and support to keep my feet planted and to allow me to move forward with positive change in my life.

My brothers (and their ladies) have helped me see the truth.  They have taught me not to settle for just anyone.  They have helped me grow into a more understand person with how I should see myself, and for what type of person would be better for me than the ones I kept chasing after.

My best friend has been there for me for many many years.  Although, I know at times I haven’t been there for her, she continues to be a great person in my life.  One which I love dearly and will always be there for me no matter the situation.  I am grateful for her and her kindness.  I am grateful for her daughter, which has taught me how beautiful and loving children are.  I am grateful for her family that has never once judged me and has loved me for the person I am.

My other great friends… I am blessed to have you in my life.  You all have been there for me more than you know you have.  I love each and every one of you, and I hope our friendship continues to grow!

To all my Facebook and Twitter friends… Well… lol.

Again… I am blessed with many people that have walked into my life.  I love each and everyone of you, and I am grateful for what you have done to help me with my life.  I only hope that I can return the favor, as much, when you are in a difficult situation.

To Be Continued…


Right Back At Ya!

Sometimes life… gives you lemons.  Sometimes life… gives you roses.  Well… I know I’m not perfect… but anyone that wants to judge me before judging themselves… this picture below illustrates my thoughts exactly…

-The Other Point of View