Glimpse Into My Life… Pt. 20

When the iPhone 4 was announced, I was totally excited to soon upgrade to this device. I was still using an iPhone 3G as I skipped on upgrading to the iPhone 3GS. This iPhone, now being an all time favorite of iPhone owners, was mocked and made fun of for its design in the beginning. 

My father and I wanted to upgrade to this device. We decided, for a first, to camp out at our local Apple Store so we could get our hands on this new device on launch day.  We made plans, a few days prior, to make sure we would be some of the first customers in line. 

My father was a truck driver and just got off his shift (12 hours) and home around 10PM the night before. I worked as a manager at a grocery store and worked 10-8PM that day.  We met up at his house at 11PM and took off to the Apple Store. We arrived there just before midnight. 

When we arrived, the parking lot was empty except for four other cars.  We noticed that the cars had people in them, however; no one was waiting in line in front of the store. We decided to get out of our car and head up to the store. Once there, the other people joined us. We were all excited to be there

We stood in line for about 20 minutes before, what looked like, and over-weight Colonel Sanders mall cop came to the door. He opened the door and asked what we were doing. After explaining to him why we were there, he told us that we all had to leave. We refused. He then mentioned that he would call the police if we continue to refuse. 

We all started to head back to our cars and drive off the parking lot, however; we decided to park in the next parking lot over. We hung out there for about an hour, and started to notice more cars arriving. We decided it was time to head back over. 

When we arrived again, we noticed that there were people waiting in line. We decided to join them. Once again, about 20 minuets later, this mall cop appeared. This time he appeared in his mall cop car. Once he got out of the car, he tells us that he had called the police. We all looked at each other then asked Colonial Sanders why he did that. He just kept saying we were on private property, and had no right to be here. 

That’s when we heard the police sirens. We all ran back to our cars. Mostly everyone left, but my father and I decided to lean back in our chairs. With his tented windows and hardly any parking lot lights, the car appeared to be empty. The cops came and told everyone, that was still there, to leave. We could hear the cops telling them over a megaphone. 

Once everyone left, the cops left as well. My father and I were still hanging out in our car. We finally decided to turn the vehicle on to get some AC as it was hot. My father’s car allowed him to turn off all the exterior lights when it was turned on, however; this made the interior lights extremely bright. Whenever we would see the mall cop’s vehicle passing by, we would just turn the car off so we wouldn’t get caught. 

Time: 4:00 AM. 

From midnight til 4:00 AM, we went from a dozen people to over a thousand people. This, apparently, scared the mall cop because he called the police back. When the police arrived, we all simply told them we were there for the iPhone release. The police, deciding the crowd was too big, went ahead and started a formal line. 

Now, I’m not one to complain a lot. But this definitely made me upset. We went from 1st in line to 100th in line. To make matters worst, once the Apple store employees come out to speak to us, the devided the line up even further. 

The line to the  left are customers wanting to purchase the device, and the line to the right are customer who preorder the device for store pickup. We stayed about 100th in line, but it’s what Apple started to do that made us realize we were in for a long day…

For every one customer that was there to purchase the device, they would let in 10-20 customers who preorder the device. When it was time for the store to open, each line had over a thousand people.  The store opened at 8AM for this iPhone release. The store normally opens at 10AM. 

From 8AM until 4PM, my father and I waited in line. We saw many people in the preordered line come and go hours ago, but the preordered line just kept growing as the day went on. 

When we finally made it into the Apple Store, my father was able to purchase his iPhone 4, and I was able to purchase the two I needed. I also purchased a new Bluetooth earpiece from Jawbone, and I purchased my father and I each a MobileMe. 

By the time we arrived back to his house, it was already after 6PM. We were gone for 19 hours to purchase three smartphones. As crazy as it was, my father and I had a good time. We will forever have this memory of doing this together. 



Vacation “Preparing”…

Hmmmmm… How about “procrastinating”. LOL


Actually, I have been preparing for my vacation this year better than I have ever planned any vacation before in my life.  I have made lists.  I have purchased stuff early (months early for some items).  I have been getting everything lined up to make this as easy and less stressful as possible.

We are heading to Daytona Beach, Florida on Friday.  This vacation is going to be amazing and fun on so many levels.  First off… my family will be there.  It will be nice to hang out with everyone for a week.  Family, in my life, is very important to me.  Secondly… my lady will be there with me.  This will be our first vacation together.  We have been preparing for this since March, so I know her and I will be very happy to feel the sand in-between our toes.


There is a lot planned.  We are going to wake up each morning.  Then we are going to go to the beach.  Then we are going to bed each evening.  Like I said… there is a lot planned. LOL.  Well… We are going to Disney World for one day, and I am sure we will hit up the lighthouse and chocolate store.  We will go to the Boardwalk and hangout around there for awhile.  We will probably play a game of putt-putt and eat some tasty ice-cream.

Whatever we do… whatever is done… this is going to be the start of wonderful things.

To be continued…


A Glimpse Into My Life… Pt. XI

The fight that I’ll never forget…

We lived in an apartment complex called Lake Castleton Apartments.  There was a basketball court across the street from where our apartment was.  Every Saturday, weather permitting, many of the neighborhood kids would be on the courts.  The courts consist of one basketball court and two tennis courts. Of course… all the kids would be there because of the basketball court.

My parents were divorced by this time, and my mother had been remarried.  My step-father had three sons, and we all loved the game of basketball.  We would collect cards of teams and trade cards.  We would go to basketball games, and we all participated in boys basketball programs in our community.

On this Saturday, it was my step-fathers weekend to have his sons.  We woke up early to watch cartoons like every young kid does.  We ate our breakfast and possibly played some video games.  We then put on your basketball clothes and went to the courts.  We enjoyed playing two-on-two, three-on-three, or full court games. There was always a game going on.  You would practice and warm-up over near the tennis courts, or if it was a full court game, you would take some quick shots when they game was on the other side of the court.

During this Saturday, my brothers and I played a three-on-three game.  It was my brother, some random kid, and me on one team, and then it was my other brother, some random kid, and Jim (I can’t remember his real name, but Jim and I never had a great friendship. In fact, he hated me so much that he would constantly try to fight me.) on the other team.

For some odd reason, Jim was acting very cool with me.  Almost, as if, he finally wanted to be friends. We were defending each other during the games, and we both showed each other up from time to time.  There is a mystery about sports that does bond a friendship between men.  You can hate each other one minute, then play some basketball/football, and find yourself calling them ‘buddy’ the next.

I go to check the ball at the start of the third game.  His team won the first game of 21.  My team won the second game, so this was the tie-breaker game.  I went to check him the ball, and he grabbed it and started to taunt me.  I thought he was playing at first, then he threw the ball extremely hard at me.  I figured he was just really getting into the last game.  We played and my team scored.  I went back up-top to check him the ball again.  He did the same thing but added “asshole” afterwords and came charging up to me when I grabbed the ball.  Of course he was fouling me, but I usually didn’t call the sissy fouls.  No blood, No Foul… was the courts rules.  Although, it never ended up getting THAT rough until this Saturday.

We scored and the game was 18-10.  We had this game, and we had this series.  That is when things turned for the worse.  When I went to check the ball, this time he threw it at my head.  Everyone started watching.  I grabbed the ball, and checked it to him again (telling him that is not they way we check it), and this time he threw it hard towards my face.  At this point he started to taunt me again, however; this time the taunting was deeper.  To taunt him back, I politely checked him the ball again.  Again, he tried throwing it at my face.  I then grabbed the ball and pretended to quickly pass the ball to my teammate in the middle of the paint.  Jim turned, quickly, to try to stop the ball, but before his conscience could even recognized that I faked the pass, a ball went flying into the side of his face at full force.

He turned around, an anger expression on his face, and started to talk trash again.  I dropped the ball and started heading towards the gate.  I got about twenty feet from the gate, when I heard someone scream to me: “Watch Out!”.  I turned around and saw Jim heading full-speed towards me.  I ran towards the gate, grabbed the gate, and swung it full-force right into him.

I then fall.  Tripped over a big rock right outside the courts.  Almost blacked out.  I didn’t know what I fell over at first.  I laid there trying to regain my strength and thoughts, but then my reality came back quickly.  He climbed on top of me… swinging his fist at my face and chest.  By this time, my brothers had already ran past me to go get help.  Before I knew it, someone grabbed Jim off of me and had him pinned against the fence to the courts.  It was my Step-father.  My brothers had freaked out and ran to get his help.  I was grateful of that.

Jim was messed up, and that is putting it lightly.  He had to get 22 stitches.  He was cut from his eyebrows, to his nose, to his check, to his lips, and finally down to his chin.  The gate fence had that barbwire twist to it.  With me slamming his face into it… those all cut into his skin and tore him up pretty good.

His mother tried to press charges on me… but after the police did some investigation, they concluded that it was her son that started everything and taunted me.  Jim and his mother ended up moving before the start of the next school year, and I have never heard/seen from him again.

To Be Continued…


Amazes Me, Pt. III

By now, you have probably heard about her… The “Tanning Mom” is what they call her.  She was accused of taking her 6-year-old daughter into a tanning bed.

What are your thoughts on this subject…


Why are kids fat these days?  Why are parents allowing this to happen?  Why does it seem like the more we talk about it… the less things are happening about it??? For the past five years this topic has been in the news… but yet, they never just come out and call the parents out… well… I think someone should…

One Word of Advice from Dr. Lee:

If you start to notice your child is gaining weight… look into his or her habits.  Looks into his or her recreational activities.  Are they exercising?  Does he or she go outside and play more than you did as a kid?  Does it seem like your child doesn’t have any friends?   If any of these answers are “no”… then its time to step up, be a parents, and teach your child healthy living.

What’s his main source of food?  Junk food?  Fast food?  Frozen meals?  If he is consuming all of these “types” of meals, then its a no wonder why he is gaining weight.  A child needs nutritional meals during his youth so he can get the proper nutrition as his body is growing.  Also, making home cooked meals and teaching your child what is good for the body and what isn’t, is a good way to teach your child how to have a healthy life.

I just don’t get why the media just doesn’t say the obvious… If your child is fat (and there is clearly NO medical issues), then shame on you!  You are not a parent.  You need to go to parenting classes and learn how to be one.  You are KILLING your child!  And if you cannot care for your children’s healthy well-being…. then why are you having kids??? It is your responsibility to make your child go out and play.  It is your responsibility to feed him properly.  Ugh… seriously, parents that let their kids do and eat whatever just really piss me off.  You have to set rules… You have to set boundaries…

Don’t just be affectionate with your child… Look after his well-being as well…

-The Other Point of View

Step Up and Be A Dad…

This is the truth…