An Update…

Hello Followers:

I do apologize for my absence the last many months.  With the my newest job, life changes, Holidays, and other events, I have been very busy.  Here are a few things to expect coming from me and the site for 2018…


Where are these podcast that you keep mentioning?  Well, they are coming still.  I realized the equipment that I had wasn’t going to work.  More so, my microphone that I had wasn’t picking up the audio that was need.  So, I had to get a new Mic.

And that I did…  I know own a Blue Yeti (blackout edition) microphone, and this thing rocks.  I’ve been testing it for sound quality over the past week and I’m loving what I am hearing from it.

I need a few more things to get this off the ground.  I know we are past 6+ months now from the day I mentioned this, but good things are coming.


Not too much will change with the blog, as far as looks, but I will be able to start posting more entries.  Over the past month, some things have changed in my life and now I have more spare time.  This is allowing me to focus on projects that I have been putting off.

You soon will see a new front page layout that I’m creating at the moment.  You will see this page when you first make your way to my site.  If you always go straight to the Blog post, you may want to click on Home soon to get a look at the introduction page.  It is live now, but it will start to change in the coming weeks as I start to update it more.

Goals For 2018…

I don’t like to make New Year’s Resolutions, however; I do like to make new goals each year to try to tackle.  A few of these things are:

  • Fitness Goals
    • Get myself back down to a healthy weight and start to focus on healthier goals.
  • Personal Life
    • Be more mindful of what my surrounds are, be more open-minded about what is happening around me, and focus on things that matter most in my life (Family, Friends, Love).
  • Blog
    • Continue to make post that keep my visitors interested and wanting to come back to read more.
    • Get the podcast off and running and turn this into a weekly or more frequent show

I Want To Hear From You More…

I want to interact with all of you.  If you like a post, please like it.  If you have a thought or opinion or question, please post it.  If you have a personal question that you don’t want everyone to see, please go to the Contact page and fill it out.  I will get an email with your answer.

Also, as always, you can follow me on just about all the popular Social Media sites by looking for robert1ee. You can send me your questions there as well.

I am looking forward to what 2018 will bring to our lives.  Here is to wishing you all a great and blessed New Year.


Glimpse Into My Life… Pt. 20

When the iPhone 4 was announced, I was totally excited to soon upgrade to this device. I was still using an iPhone 3G as I skipped on upgrading to the iPhone 3GS. This iPhone, now being an all time favorite of iPhone owners, was mocked and made fun of for its design in the beginning. 

My father and I wanted to upgrade to this device. We decided, for a first, to camp out at our local Apple Store so we could get our hands on this new device on launch day.  We made plans, a few days prior, to make sure we would be some of the first customers in line. 

My father was a truck driver and just got off his shift (12 hours) and home around 10PM the night before. I worked as a manager at a grocery store and worked 10-8PM that day.  We met up at his house at 11PM and took off to the Apple Store. We arrived there just before midnight. 

When we arrived, the parking lot was empty except for four other cars.  We noticed that the cars had people in them, however; no one was waiting in line in front of the store. We decided to get out of our car and head up to the store. Once there, the other people joined us. We were all excited to be there

We stood in line for about 20 minutes before, what looked like, and over-weight Colonel Sanders mall cop came to the door. He opened the door and asked what we were doing. After explaining to him why we were there, he told us that we all had to leave. We refused. He then mentioned that he would call the police if we continue to refuse. 

We all started to head back to our cars and drive off the parking lot, however; we decided to park in the next parking lot over. We hung out there for about an hour, and started to notice more cars arriving. We decided it was time to head back over. 

When we arrived again, we noticed that there were people waiting in line. We decided to join them. Once again, about 20 minuets later, this mall cop appeared. This time he appeared in his mall cop car. Once he got out of the car, he tells us that he had called the police. We all looked at each other then asked Colonial Sanders why he did that. He just kept saying we were on private property, and had no right to be here. 

That’s when we heard the police sirens. We all ran back to our cars. Mostly everyone left, but my father and I decided to lean back in our chairs. With his tented windows and hardly any parking lot lights, the car appeared to be empty. The cops came and told everyone, that was still there, to leave. We could hear the cops telling them over a megaphone. 

Once everyone left, the cops left as well. My father and I were still hanging out in our car. We finally decided to turn the vehicle on to get some AC as it was hot. My father’s car allowed him to turn off all the exterior lights when it was turned on, however; this made the interior lights extremely bright. Whenever we would see the mall cop’s vehicle passing by, we would just turn the car off so we wouldn’t get caught. 

Time: 4:00 AM. 

From midnight til 4:00 AM, we went from a dozen people to over a thousand people. This, apparently, scared the mall cop because he called the police back. When the police arrived, we all simply told them we were there for the iPhone release. The police, deciding the crowd was too big, went ahead and started a formal line. 

Now, I’m not one to complain a lot. But this definitely made me upset. We went from 1st in line to 100th in line. To make matters worst, once the Apple store employees come out to speak to us, the devided the line up even further. 

The line to the  left are customers wanting to purchase the device, and the line to the right are customer who preorder the device for store pickup. We stayed about 100th in line, but it’s what Apple started to do that made us realize we were in for a long day…

For every one customer that was there to purchase the device, they would let in 10-20 customers who preorder the device. When it was time for the store to open, each line had over a thousand people.  The store opened at 8AM for this iPhone release. The store normally opens at 10AM. 

From 8AM until 4PM, my father and I waited in line. We saw many people in the preordered line come and go hours ago, but the preordered line just kept growing as the day went on. 

When we finally made it into the Apple Store, my father was able to purchase his iPhone 4, and I was able to purchase the two I needed. I also purchased a new Bluetooth earpiece from Jawbone, and I purchased my father and I each a MobileMe. 

By the time we arrived back to his house, it was already after 6PM. We were gone for 19 hours to purchase three smartphones. As crazy as it was, my father and I had a good time. We will forever have this memory of doing this together. 


Quick Update…

Never under estimate making a podcast. Seriously. I’ve been writing a script to follow for this first podcast. I know a month ago I was going to get this started. And started I have… but there is more work getting this first podcast produced than I thought. 

First things first…

I should have the first one up in under two weeks. I have this goal set and I’m going to start recording it tomorrow. 

The podcast will be mainly about a topic I love. The topic will be technology. However, I am adding in my own life experiences too to make this different than the other tech podcast out there. 

I also will be talking about my thoughts and my opinions on this. I have a goal in mind, and I do hope that everyone enjoys what I’m going to be making. 

More to come soon…


Guess Who’s Back

I’ll keep this brief… A lot is going on in my life. Awesome, great things. 

I’m getting myself setup to start helping my team make podcast. At the same time, I’m getting myself ready to start my own podcast. 

I’m getting the final touches together to start this project. 

More to come shortly…


Twitter #Music Is Here!

Twitter Music App

Twitter #Music is now upon us… What is this and what can it do for you?

Twitter #Music is a service by Twitter that allows you to discover music.  How does it allow you to discover music? It uses Twitter tweets from its users that mentions song from iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, and other music serivces.  Twitter then uses this information and lets you see what’s popular at the moment.


The website is laid out in tiles.  You can hover over a tile and click the play button for a 30 second preview of the song.  You can also follow that artist by clicking the Twitter bird icon that shows up in the top right corner as you hover over a tile.  There are different sections you can find music, such as: Popular, Emerging, Suggested, #NowPlaying, then your own page of artist you follow.

Screenshot (1)

Like the website… the iOS App has a tile layout as well.  The tiles are interactive.  These expand when you touch on one to emphasize the song/artist you are listening to.  With the iOS App, you can login to your Spotify or Rdio account to listen to full length songs.  Once you press play, it will continue to play each song from left to right.

Swiping from left to right (and vice versa) takes you to different sections.  As mentioned above, you can see what’s Popular, what’s Emerging, what’s Suggested, what’s #NowPlaying, and your profile.  You can also access drop down menu by pressing the top bar to then select a section.

This app is definitely something special.  I will update as I play more with this app for a complete review…


Project Glass: Gallery

Here are some pictures of the upcoming Google Event: Project Glass!

The Campaign…

Dear Readers:

I have been one of the selected few to have been invited to New York City to become a beta tester for the Google’s Project Glass.  I have never been to New York before nor have I ever attend a conference of this magnitude.  I have started a campaign to help me achieve my dreams and head to NYC!  Below you will find information about this campaign and I have embedded a video of what Project Glass is.

If you can help me reach my goal and make my dreams come true, I will be forever thankful for your contributions.  Please read what I have to say below and follow the links to the campaign site!


Click here for the campaign!

About Me and Campaign Background:

Hi! My name is Robert Lee.  I am a technology enthusiast and I have always wanted to travel to New York City, NY.   I have be wanting to see what the big city life is like and how technology changes your life in such a big city.  I heard about Project Glass near the end of 2011 when Google briefly leaked some information about it.  Over the past year and a half, I have been following this project with great interest.  Then, about five weeks ago (around the middle of February), Google had a contest to become a beta tester for this device.  Thrilled, I filled out the required information in hopes to win.  I, however, tend to have a bad track record when it comes to winning.  To my surprise, however; Google sent me a message letting me know that I was one of the winners of this contest!  I was very very excited until I read what came next… Google wants me to spend $1500 for traveling expenses and to purchase Glass…

What I Need & What You Get:

I need to raise funds to be able to attend New York City, NY for the first time, and I need to attend Google’s Project Glass event.  If I should hit this goal… and if Indiegogo tells me who helped me hit my goal… I will personally give each person, that donates more than $50, a call voice/video with Glass so you can experience what this device can do.  If Indiegogo doesn’t tell me who has help, please follow me on Twitter (account below) and I will make note of your generous help, and make sure I contact you once I have my device.

The Impact:

By helping me reach my goal, not only will you be allowing me to visit The Big Apple for the first time in my life, but you will also allow me to attend an event of a lifetime!

Other Ways You Can Help:

If you want to reach out to me for questions or to let me know you have made a donation, you can follow me on Twitter.  Search for @robert1ee.

Click here for the campaign! 

Facebook App VS Facebook HTML5

As of late, Facebook has been making a lot of its users frustrated with the iOS and Android App that it has.  The App freezes.  The App doesn’t load correctly. The Notification Bar will not load properly (you will see a number but when looking at your notifications, there will be nothing new showing up).  And at times, the App doesn’t even load profiles.

Here’s something interesting though… Facebook has created a mobile HTML5 version of their site.  If you go to in on your smartphone, you will see, what appears to be, the same look as the App that you also have on your phone.  Here’s another interesting thing… the HTML5 version loads quicker!  Its Notification Bar is accurate in displaying new  notifications!  It loads the newly designed Timeline for profiles and tad faster!

This all makes you wonder… why should I even use the actually App then???

The App does offer the “pull-down to refresh” feature.  The HTML5 just automatically checks for new updates.  The App does feel more comfortable to people.  The App does uses the screen real estate better.  But besides these few features, the HTML5 version and the App version, both look the exact same way.

If you are having problems using the Facebook App, then try going to, and you might be surprised at how much better it really is!


-The Other Point of View

The Amazingly-Lost Wonderfully-Ruined Social Media Known As Twitter

First off… I want to start off saying: I love Twitter.  I respect what Twitter is wonderful at doing.  I enjoy the interactions and communications that happen between users to spread information from one part of the world to the next part of it.  Hence, posting this blog to Twitter still shows my joy in using such service…

So what am I talking about???

About 5 years ago when I started using Twitter, I enjoyed getting important information from people I followed about worldwide events.  It was, if you will, a “geek” place to “hangout”.  It allowed for events to be told around the world within seconds of it happening, instead of days by the papers.

OK? So get to the point…

Twitter is now filled with dirt.  There, I said it, its nothing but spam.  So many people follow so many people, that the individual is lucky to even be heard.  It has come down to this… How come I can get more interaction on news with Facebook than I can with Twitter?  Where did Twitter go wrong?  What did Facebook do right?  These questions are actually really hard to answer…

But I do have a theory…

The average person is getting tired of going to two different social media platforms, constantly, to get their information, and/or, to tell their own information.  Facebook, hands down, is the heavy weight champ when it comes to social media.  You can have your family, close friends, friends, old friends, acquaintances, and your extended friends of friends.  You have hundreds of Apps that connect with Facebook to add more interaction to your already existing interactions.  Twitter… you follow people and hope they follow back.  True, Twitter is completely open.  Any person can view another persons information anytime they want (unless the account is locked). But again, you can get more interaction with the groups on Facebook than you can on Twitter.

I just think that Twitter has turned into a monster.  The once very-richly-informative news site, has turned into nothing but useless information that no one really cares about.

Again, I love and respect Twitter for what is stands for… but I just don’t use it as much as I use to anymore…

-The Other Point Of View