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Why are kids fat these days?  Why are parents allowing this to happen?  Why does it seem like the more we talk about it… the less things are happening about it??? For the past five years this topic has been in the news… but yet, they never just come out and call the parents out… well… I think someone should…

One Word of Advice from Dr. Lee:

If you start to notice your child is gaining weight… look into his or her habits.  Looks into his or her recreational activities.  Are they exercising?  Does he or she go outside and play more than you did as a kid?  Does it seem like your child doesn’t have any friends?   If any of these answers are “no”… then its time to step up, be a parents, and teach your child healthy living.

What’s his main source of food?  Junk food?  Fast food?  Frozen meals?  If he is consuming all of these “types” of meals, then its a no wonder why he is gaining weight.  A child needs nutritional meals during his youth so he can get the proper nutrition as his body is growing.  Also, making home cooked meals and teaching your child what is good for the body and what isn’t, is a good way to teach your child how to have a healthy life.

I just don’t get why the media just doesn’t say the obvious… If your child is fat (and there is clearly NO medical issues), then shame on you!  You are not a parent.  You need to go to parenting classes and learn how to be one.  You are KILLING your child!  And if you cannot care for your children’s healthy well-being…. then why are you having kids??? It is your responsibility to make your child go out and play.  It is your responsibility to feed him properly.  Ugh… seriously, parents that let their kids do and eat whatever just really piss me off.  You have to set rules… You have to set boundaries…

Don’t just be affectionate with your child… Look after his well-being as well…

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Introducing: Poetry by robert1ee

I have been writing poetry since third grade.  I enjoy writing poetry so much, that I share it with my family and friends on Facebook.  Starting today, I will start to share them with the world through  I also have an RSS Feed in the right column.



Take Chances. Regret Nothing. Live Life.

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To Love Or Not To Love Again…


My thoughts on this are deep… One part of me wants to find someone to love. Someone that I truly care for. Someone that I can grow old with. Someone that I can share my deepest thoughts and secrets with. Someone that I can have a family with. But then… the other part of me wants just relationships. No marriage. Just an accessional girlfriend from time to time, or someone I can just go on dates with whenever.

Why this split thought on Love…

I’ve been married. Felt the heartache. Seen what it can do to two people. And it makes me not want to go through that again… However, if the right person came along, I would give marriage another go.

Do I want a family…

Yes. No question about that. I love children. I would love to be able to teach them things to grow up to be amazing people. I would love to take family vacations, instead of just going with “the men”. Something about family trips are just exciting. I have some of the best childhood memories while on vacations.

Will I ever find another woman that I would consider marriage with?

I am sure I will. As one grows older… you start to want that companionship. The urge to want to be with someone. To grow old with someone. I’ve been living alone for almost a year now… and its already getting boring. lol

So… bottom of the line is… now that I have been down that road of marriage, when it comes to the second go-around, I will be picky. I have, if you will, studied this area, and have an understanding on what to look for. If I am blessed to have a woman walk into my life that “takes my heart”, and wants a family, and wants to do things together, and enjoys my company as much as I’ll enjoy her company, then I will be the happiest man on the planet.

But as a good friend says… “good luck with that” lol

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Things Not To Say During Sex


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Poll: Favorite Sexual Position


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Amazes Me, Pt II

Read the picture…

Counter-Argument:  Since when did someone that likes big tits die from too much tit sight-seeing??? Even more bluntly… would you rather have your meat in-between some flat buns or a nice pair of big tits?  #justsaying

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Alcohol: My “Truth Serum”?

Everyone is guilty of this… if you drink the right drink, you suddenly become very open to everyone around you.  Your emotions, if you will, over come you and you can not stop what you are about to say. Nor should you stop what you are about to say… because, after all, it is the truth right?

Vodka and wine are my worse enemies… if anyone ever wants to know my true feelings about most subjects, get me talking after a few shots of Goose or a bottle of red wine, and you shall see.

Sadly, I even admit it to everyone that its the alcohol doing this to me, but I still can’t help but to keep talking.  Maybe the governments are in on this.  Maybe they figured out a chemical that they put in every alcohol product in the world, and it makes everyone show their true colors.

Many sites when you search for it talk about it.  Some say, that in a way, truth serum drugs and alcohol do have many of the same effects.  These same websites also warn everyone to take what someone says, while under the influence, as a grain of salt.  Like truth serum drugs, one can believe that fiction or dreams will be thought as a truth and said during this time as well with certainty.

Regardless… everyone becomes a bit more open with the right drink, but don’t let this hold you back from having an amazing night out!

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