An Update…

Hello Followers:

I do apologize for my absence the last many months.  With the my newest job, life changes, Holidays, and other events, I have been very busy.  Here are a few things to expect coming from me and the site for 2018…


Where are these podcast that you keep mentioning?  Well, they are coming still.  I realized the equipment that I had wasn’t going to work.  More so, my microphone that I had wasn’t picking up the audio that was need.  So, I had to get a new Mic.

And that I did…  I know own a Blue Yeti (blackout edition) microphone, and this thing rocks.  I’ve been testing it for sound quality over the past week and I’m loving what I am hearing from it.

I need a few more things to get this off the ground.  I know we are past 6+ months now from the day I mentioned this, but good things are coming.


Not too much will change with the blog, as far as looks, but I will be able to start posting more entries.  Over the past month, some things have changed in my life and now I have more spare time.  This is allowing me to focus on projects that I have been putting off.

You soon will see a new front page layout that I’m creating at the moment.  You will see this page when you first make your way to my site.  If you always go straight to the Blog post, you may want to click on Home soon to get a look at the introduction page.  It is live now, but it will start to change in the coming weeks as I start to update it more.

Goals For 2018…

I don’t like to make New Year’s Resolutions, however; I do like to make new goals each year to try to tackle.  A few of these things are:

  • Fitness Goals
    • Get myself back down to a healthy weight and start to focus on healthier goals.
  • Personal Life
    • Be more mindful of what my surrounds are, be more open-minded about what is happening around me, and focus on things that matter most in my life (Family, Friends, Love).
  • Blog
    • Continue to make post that keep my visitors interested and wanting to come back to read more.
    • Get the podcast off and running and turn this into a weekly or more frequent show

I Want To Hear From You More…

I want to interact with all of you.  If you like a post, please like it.  If you have a thought or opinion or question, please post it.  If you have a personal question that you don’t want everyone to see, please go to the Contact page and fill it out.  I will get an email with your answer.

Also, as always, you can follow me on just about all the popular Social Media sites by looking for robert1ee. You can send me your questions there as well.

I am looking forward to what 2018 will bring to our lives.  Here is to wishing you all a great and blessed New Year.



Remember why you started, when you just want to quit. 

Remember, your own destiny can only be created by you. 


Healthy Lifestyle…

Ahhh… Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just toss ourselves into a dryer for 40 minutes and come out 3 times smaller and wrinkle free??? Of course it would! But see what I did there… I got a vision in your mind that is too good to be true.
Life is tough. Life is hard. Life is challenging. In this age where dreams are coming true with technology… The fact remains… We don’t have the Fountain of Youth yet. We must take care of our bodies. We must treat our bodies like it is fragile. (WARNING: HANDLE WITH CARE) 

I tend to go up and down in weight. In the winter, I can gain up to 40 lbs!!! (YIKES!!!) When March comes around, I start hard at exercise again. It is a cycle. A cycle that isn’t healthy and a cycle that must end. 

I now weigh 202 lbs! I started at 230 lbs in March. 28 lbs lost since. Again, my goal weight is to be at 190 lbs or below. The EASIER part is getting there. The HARD part is relapsing. 

Take a smoker for instance. Many have quit smoking a dozen times, but fail to stop the temptation of picking up just one cigarette again. A healthy lifestyle is very similar. Remember what you did to gain the weight. Write it down. Do it. This will start to be your personal Commandments of Unhealthy Sin. 

Take a picture of yourself at your worst. Staple it to your list you just wrote. Use this as a WHAT NOT TO DO when you get tempted. 

One thing I have also done is have a cheat day. One day a week, eat whatever you like. This will keep you sane. This will let you have that donut for breakfast, fast-food for lunch, or pizza for dinner. (YOU KNOW, ALL THE GOOD STUFF) 

Having a healthy lifestyle and living it is essential to losing the weight and losing it for good. 


The Challenge…

Many people is this world strive to be fit, healthy, or at least, in-shape.  The problem folks run into is work, life, laziness, and sleep. Work takes up 40 hours of your time awake during the week. The sleeping takes up, at least, six hours of your night routine. Just this alone will give you twelve hours (on average) of the day still left. Plan an hour a day to get ready, and an hour total to commute to and from work, you would still have eight to ten hours left of your day.

What you do during your free time makes you the person you are today!

If you snack and lay around all day, sleep all day, watch movies/TV shows all day, on your computer or game console, then you need to set goals to stop yourself from repeating the same habits that you are too comfortable with already. Making goals aren’t complicated. Have one big goal in mind. Then make small goals to help you achieve the big goal.

Let’s say you want to loose 25lbs and add some muscle (or tone) to your body as well. Looking at the bigger goal, you may lose focus, however, if you have a smaller goal of a pound a week for twenty weeks, and weight training at least twice a week, in the twenty weeks you will notice that your bigger goal has been met.

I am writing up a goal for myself that I will post on my blog. Ask me questions if you need help setting yours. Together, we can create a network that we can count on to keep us focused. Together, we can keep our bigger goals in sight. Together, we can help others that need assistance as well.

-more to follow…

Goals for 2013…

goals-for-2013I dedicated 2012 for a year to improve myself… and although I didn’t quite get everything accomplished that I wanted to in that year, I did accomplish many things.  2013 is going to be a continuation of finishing my goals and I have set new ones as well.

Goals for 2013:

  • Family:  I want to continue to grow closer to my family.  I want to get to know my nephews/nieces better.  I want to get closer with my younger brother.  I want to be there for my other brothers and sister when they need me to.  I love my parents, and I want to make sure they know how much I do, and how much I appreciate them.
  • Friends:  My true friends haven’t changed one bit over this past year.  I love each and every one of them.  I have come to know who my true friends are over this past year, and I am thankful for each and every one of you.  Over this next year, I want to strengthen these relationships.  I want to be there for them whenever they need a friend near, as I would hope they would be there for me.
  • Job:  I want to further my skills within my company to become an even better person. I want to be able to have the abilities to handle many of the task thrown my way, and I want to show my boss that I am capable of handling this position, without question.  I also want to branch out into the entertainment industry and become a DJ.  I am saving up for the equipment, which should be purchased by March, and I hope I can excel in this industry and make a name for myself.
  • Blog:  I am now running a few different sites.  I want to improve my postings throughout this year.  I post on here, my poetry blog, and my new DJ blog.  You can find all my social media/blog information at  I want to get a following by posting information or insightful thinking that my readers are interested in reading.
  • Personal:  I want to improve myself more by trying to be 100% honest with myself.  I am not happy with my current weight, so I need to get back on a healthy workout plan to get myself back in shape.  I have considered joining the ‘Body by V’ Challenge which I know a certain someone that would be very happy to get me on board with that challenge.  I also want to improve my behavior skills.  Looking over the 2012 year, I felt I was in a depressed state of mind for more of that year than what I really wanted to be.  I need to get my mind set to stay positive.  In order to stay positive I must change a few things: (1) Stay 100% with myself; (2) Don’t say yes to people when I’m saying ‘no’ to myself; (3) Become happy with my health; (4) Surround myself with people that will keep me in a better state of mind.  But most of all… don’t lose myself. Who I am people love.  People know Robert as the light of the party and as a fun guy to be around.  I enjoy being that person, but to make myself love being that person, I must improve myself in the areas I mentioned above.

There are going to be changes in my life in 2013… And if you don’t believe me, just watch.

2012 was my year… 2013 will be the foundation for the rest of my life.