Motivation To Be Fit


Over the years post high school, I go back and forth on my weight. I will get to a point we’re I am just no happy nor comfortable with the shape of my figure. I also start to lose the weight, but once I get to a certain point, I stop and start to eventually gain it all back.

We have all been there…

Starting a workout routine is like starting a new job some place. You are excited to start this new eventure and see where it takes you. You are nervous because you are unsure if you’ll like it, but you need this in your life. Once you are there for a few months, you are shocked by how much time has passed and how good you’ve become.

My problem is, once I get to a certain point, I get bored. I know my figure will never look like it did back in my track and field days. I was fit. I felt great about myself. When looking in the mirror, after several months of working out, I just don’t see the results fast enough. Or, I simply become bored and find other things that peak my interest more.


This is what is needed to keep yourself involved. This is what you need to keep yourself moving towards your end goal. Unfortunately, I tend to start to loose this motivation.

Need Some Motivation…

What keeps you motivated?

What routines have worked for you?

What have you done to change your life to get yourself into a healthy lifestyle?


I need some motivation, now more than ever, to get myself back on a healthy routine. I work from home and have many workout programs in my DVD collection. I just, for the life of me, can not figure out how to jump start this routine.

Any suggestions and/or advise would be greatful.

Please comment and let me know what keeps you motivated and what you have found works best for you.


Healthy Lifestyle…

Ahhh… Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just toss ourselves into a dryer for 40 minutes and come out 3 times smaller and wrinkle free??? Of course it would! But see what I did there… I got a vision in your mind that is too good to be true.
Life is tough. Life is hard. Life is challenging. In this age where dreams are coming true with technology… The fact remains… We don’t have the Fountain of Youth yet. We must take care of our bodies. We must treat our bodies like it is fragile. (WARNING: HANDLE WITH CARE) 

I tend to go up and down in weight. In the winter, I can gain up to 40 lbs!!! (YIKES!!!) When March comes around, I start hard at exercise again. It is a cycle. A cycle that isn’t healthy and a cycle that must end. 

I now weigh 202 lbs! I started at 230 lbs in March. 28 lbs lost since. Again, my goal weight is to be at 190 lbs or below. The EASIER part is getting there. The HARD part is relapsing. 

Take a smoker for instance. Many have quit smoking a dozen times, but fail to stop the temptation of picking up just one cigarette again. A healthy lifestyle is very similar. Remember what you did to gain the weight. Write it down. Do it. This will start to be your personal Commandments of Unhealthy Sin. 

Take a picture of yourself at your worst. Staple it to your list you just wrote. Use this as a WHAT NOT TO DO when you get tempted. 

One thing I have also done is have a cheat day. One day a week, eat whatever you like. This will keep you sane. This will let you have that donut for breakfast, fast-food for lunch, or pizza for dinner. (YOU KNOW, ALL THE GOOD STUFF) 

Having a healthy lifestyle and living it is essential to losing the weight and losing it for good. 



Why are kids fat these days?  Why are parents allowing this to happen?  Why does it seem like the more we talk about it… the less things are happening about it??? For the past five years this topic has been in the news… but yet, they never just come out and call the parents out… well… I think someone should…

One Word of Advice from Dr. Lee:

If you start to notice your child is gaining weight… look into his or her habits.  Looks into his or her recreational activities.  Are they exercising?  Does he or she go outside and play more than you did as a kid?  Does it seem like your child doesn’t have any friends?   If any of these answers are “no”… then its time to step up, be a parents, and teach your child healthy living.

What’s his main source of food?  Junk food?  Fast food?  Frozen meals?  If he is consuming all of these “types” of meals, then its a no wonder why he is gaining weight.  A child needs nutritional meals during his youth so he can get the proper nutrition as his body is growing.  Also, making home cooked meals and teaching your child what is good for the body and what isn’t, is a good way to teach your child how to have a healthy life.

I just don’t get why the media just doesn’t say the obvious… If your child is fat (and there is clearly NO medical issues), then shame on you!  You are not a parent.  You need to go to parenting classes and learn how to be one.  You are KILLING your child!  And if you cannot care for your children’s healthy well-being…. then why are you having kids??? It is your responsibility to make your child go out and play.  It is your responsibility to feed him properly.  Ugh… seriously, parents that let their kids do and eat whatever just really piss me off.  You have to set rules… You have to set boundaries…

Don’t just be affectionate with your child… Look after his well-being as well…

-The Other Point of View