The Declaration of…








This is the day that the United States of America was found.  The thoughts, values, and principles that were laid out for this great nation has brought freedom and liberty to millions of humans on this planet.  One nation… Under God… with freedoms and the personal pursuit of happiness.

Happy Birthday America Eagle

Today is about remembering every person that has fought, who still is fighting, and who will fight to keep this country the best and freest Nation in the World.


America… Happy Birthday.  America… We Remember.  Thank You.



Because It Was Written… Pt. I


There is always an argument for each side of the table when it comes to politics.  Fortunately… we live in a Nation were we have the right to voice our opinions, and because of our ‘Rights’, you and I can speak freely.  We live in a World, if you will, that has emotions at every corner.  Some of these emotions are to the extreme, and some of these emotions keep everyone calm.

The “Because It Was Written” posts will talk about “our rights” that were given to every American through the Bill of Rights.  Today, instead of talking about the 1st Amendment, I will go out-of-order and talk about the 2nd Amendment.  This has been a very heated topic in the media, in the government, and amongst family and friends, as of late.

2nd Amendment

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Translation (if you need help understanding):  The individual right to be armed will be respected, and that the resulting armed citizens will be secure against tyranny, invasion, and/or crime.

The 2nd Amendment is in place to protect the people from a government takeover, essentially.  The founding fathers were very careful in how they worded this Amendment.  They wanted to make sure that it was written to protect the American people in case an event like the Revolution War ever happened again.  We, the people, have the right to “bear arms”.  They choose the word “arms” so it wouldn’t be constrained to a certain type of weapon.

When someone tells you to arm yourself… you will grab whatever is available to arm yourself with.  You hope the arm you are using to protect yourself with will be equal to or better than the arm your opponent has.  This is essential.  This is a big reason for using the word “arms”.  We, the people, have the right to purchase, possess, and use the same arms our governing military can use.  Our founding fathers wanted to make sure the people can protect themselves, like the Government, from an event of tyranny.

Over the past couple of decades, this Amendment has been attacked by our leaders in Washington, D.C.  Why the attack?  Many Democrat elected officials believe that guns are evil.  They seem to have an agenda to restrict and/or do away with the 2nd Amendment.  What’s interesting… many civilians that vote Democrat do not support this, so how are these elected officials speaking for their people?  With recent events in gun-free zones, that has happened around the country, the Left has tried to convince the American people that these “assault rifles” and/or “military style weapons” should be banned.  What makes a rifle “assault”?  Can anyone explain what “military style weapons” are? The Left are smart in this one area… they are being so vague to eventually outlaw every “arm”.

The statement “My right to own a gun is what protects your right to tell me I can’t” is a very true statement.  The minute the government makes weapons illegal to the people, will be the beginning of the end of America as we once knew it.  It will also be the beginning of a revolutionary war to fight back for what is “our” land, “our” right.  If history has taught us anything… countries that have disarmed their citizens have been taking over by a Socialist Government.  A government, which history has showed us, isn’t for the people.  We, the people, will loose all rights we have fought for since the beginning of America.

Some people think my views are extreme, however; I would like to remind you that as extreme as you may think they are… these events have happened, and history always will repeat itself unless we learn from it.

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