Comcast/Xfinity X1 Platform Temporarily Out Of Service. UPDATE: Service is Back! (for some)


Dear Comcast/Xfinity customers…

Times are hard enough to make sure you can catch your show when you need to.  So… the World gave us DVR.  And the World was happy.  On day two, the World gave us the X1 platform.  And the World was happy.  On day three, the World takes away our X1 platform.  And the World was, errrrrr, happy???

According to the Comcast forums… many are having trouble.

The code error, as seen above in the picture, is RDK-03031.  According to Comcast, you see this message when the X1 box is having trouble connecting to the X1 Platform (just as the picture above states).  Here is what is suppose to resolve the problem:


However, the connection7instructions above don’t seem to fix the issue at hand.  There are many people in forums that are having trouble.  Many are saying their Internet works still, but TV is a no go.

Many have said they have tried these instruction more than once.  I have the X1 platform, and I have tried three times now.  I have called the tech support number multiple times.  All I get is a busy signal.

I tried to use the online Chat for help.  With this, all I got was a “Connecting to Agent” status.  40 minutes later and it still says this.  Frustration starts to set it.

My Roku purchase seems to be looking better and better each time I use it, and tonight won’t be no exception.  In fact, tonight will be an awesome night to catch up on those TV shows I have been missing.

According to tch3612: No Connection.


Also, there are problems when trying to call Comcast:

connection3 connection4 connection5

Laurie posted that she believes it is a system way outage according to information from her local Comcast.


Are you having problems with your X1?  If so, let us know what is happening at your home below in the comments.

UPDATE: Appears that folks are finally starting to see some of their X1 systems coming back to life.  If you are still having issues, try one of two solutions that commenters have discovered below to see if this fixes things for you.

fix1 fix2

Sources: Comcast Forums

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  1. I’ve been getting the exact same error message for the last 45 minutes or so in Boston. I’ve also rebooted several times to no avail. I guess it is just a general outage.

  2. Robert sums up the situation very well. Comcast, it would seem prudent to post a message on your website explaining what is going on with the RDK 03031 error, why your offered solution is not working and how long your customers can expect to have no service. Your advice to check forums is useless. All I find are people complaining about not knowing what is going on and how they can not reach you. I am thankful to know this much at least as I won’t even bother get in the 45 minuscule to talk to someone who can not even help me. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER, COMCAST! Treat your customers with some respect, please.

    1. Comcast should be reaching out to customers by email or through their Forums to let customers know what to expect. Their lack of information is troubling, and the information they do provide just leaves customers frustrated to no end.

  3. Have tried numerous ways to contact comcast about this! ALL TO NO AVAIL!!! Have waited onHold until the music stopped…..over an hour and a half! Have called sales to request forwarding, but was forwarded to Internet dept. Internet dept tried forwarding me 3-4 times, but was disconnected each time.
    was just thinking today(about 8 hours ago before all this started happening) how glad I was with my decision to switch from Dish, bypassing Direct, and signing up with Xfinity X1……now….not so much!

    1. Yes. Dish and DirecTV both seem like great options right now for TV service. However, Comcast will still be getting money from me since they are the only company in town with fast Internet speeds.

  4. Service is back!!!!!
    I disconnected the cable feed from wall, and reconnected, then disconnected and reconnected power…

  5. Same error in Naperville IL. The odd thing is two TVs (X1 cable boxes) are showing this error and are not able to view live TV and one TV is OK. The ComCast web site says there is an outage in my area and it should be resolved around 10 PM CST.

      1. I was over at ‘’ and someone mentioned in the forum that pressing the power button on the front of the X1 box when you see it saying ‘connecting to live tv’ will “fix” the problem of it never connecting. I didn’t think it would work but I tried it and the screen when blank. I pressed the power button again and sure enough after a couple of seconds it displayed the NBC logo and then live TV was back. Give it a try… it can’t hurt. I hope it helps someone else!

  6. We have been dealing with this issues in Illinois since wed night Thur morning after the update they put through. Finally able to get a tech out today when we found out he can’t do anything because the platform is down nationally. Had to reschedule for Sunday. Now we have one box that won’t connect regardless what I have done. On the phone for over two hours and during that time hung up on twice, then told that I had to wait until after 930pm central time to reset at which point could call if didn’t work. They so need better service you can tell they care nothing about their customers only about making money.

    1. Wow. I cannot believe that you have been without the X1 since Wednesday. This is ridiculous. I have heard of the “9:30” time before too. And, I agree with your last sentence. Good luck to you on your Sunday visit.

  7. great, just upgraded to x1 last week. having the same issue with the box not responding and i paid the 50$ for a tech to make sure everything was good.

  8. Connected Comcast on Dec23rd its Jan23rd and not one day has gone by without trouble with X1 platform.Called in 47 times already had two techs come out both said these problems are with the x1 boxes and many bugs in the system.This is unacceptable all customers experiencing problems should be given free or reduced bills until this is rectified. All the money we pay Comcast should be ashamed of themselves, the sad thing is as long as we keep paying they will keep this shit up.Pardon the language.

  9. Comcast you’re starting to piss me off….Grrrrrrrrrr….. I’ve had your X1 for 10 days and only had service for 3, my fourth technician is coming out tomorrow. ” We’re having trouble connecting to the X1 Platform” Error WTF..SMH…can’t watch or connect to amything, if problem persists AT&T will be back here on Tuesday….BULLSHIT…..

  10. We are in South West FL. Had X1 installed the end of Jan. 2015. July 9 we started getting the message “Cannot connect to X1 platform—“. Tried to unplug box and that didn’t work. Went to forms and looked. Then pushed the power button and that didn’t work so then tried chat for 40 min. And that didn’t work. Finally the phone and Internet stopped working on the 10 so I called and tried to resolve with CC on the phone. No help so scheduled a service call. On July 14 tech shows up at front door and informs me I have a low signal. He puts thru a call and another truck shows up. They string up another line from across the street and a new drop down a pole then run a line above ground to our house. They ask me if the service is now working and it was. They then come into my house and open the distribution box. When they were done they tell me my problem was my connectors! Now I am getting billed for a $70 service call. I paid $39 in Jan. to have the X1 installed –if my connectors in a 3 year old house weren’t proper for their system why weren’t they replaced then?

  11. Comcast your X1 system is one big joke just like your customer service department it really is the joke of every comedians jokes and is because you never fix the problem but say you do

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