It’s been a long time.  I shouldn’t of left you…

Howdy. It’s been over six months since I’ve made a post. Life, as you can tell, has been busy on my end. To get you up to date: I have left one career and joined two careers. I am now working as a security officer and with my father’s company. Both are exciting and keep me moving. 

Because of all this moving around… I am also getting back to a healthy weight again. I got up to 230 lbs (Yikes!) but now I am down to 205 since starting these jobs in March. I am hoping to be at/below 190 within a few months. 

Life is good though. I cannot complain. I have an amazing wife that supports me through all my endeavors. My family, always supportive. And my friends who are always amazing. 

I recently purchased a gun and I’m in the process of getting my life carry permit. For those wondering… I purchased a Glock 19. Amazing gun to shoot. 

Working security, I have become acquainted to many new people. Most of these new people are awesome, and some are becoming good friends. I have always been a person that enjoys meeting new people. I have always been a person that enjoys learning about people and how they live their lives. 

Well… Thats all for now. Stay tuned… I want to get back into blogging again. It’s like a diary… That the public gets to read.