Days And Nights… Nights And Days…

With my two jobs I have, I have challenges with positive sleeping habits. I work three days from 6AM to 6PM, then I change it up and work three days from 6PM to 6AM. My final shift is short from 5PM to 9PM.  Sleeping is an important part of your health. Trying to joggle it can be challenging. 

My Mondays and my Thursdays are the hardest days of the week. Because of the change of time to work, my body sometimes struggles on these two days.  On top of all of this, since March, I have only had 7 days off. 

Eating healthy has been key to keep my body moving. By all means… Im not perfect. I have an addiction to cookies. ? I try to eat as clean as possible so my body isn’t full of caffeine and sugars. There are those moments that a Redbull just hits the spot. 

So I’m asking my readers a question: When your body is tired… Whats your source of energy that you turn to?

WWDC 2016 Thoughts

I haven’t watched the keynote yet; however, from what I have read Apple has made some nice tweaks to all their OS’s. 

What stood out to you? 

It’s been a long time.  I shouldn’t of left you…

Howdy. It’s been over six months since I’ve made a post. Life, as you can tell, has been busy on my end. To get you up to date: I have left one career and joined two careers. I am now working as a security officer and with my father’s company. Both are exciting and keep me moving. 

Because of all this moving around… I am also getting back to a healthy weight again. I got up to 230 lbs (Yikes!) but now I am down to 205 since starting these jobs in March. I am hoping to be at/below 190 within a few months. 

Life is good though. I cannot complain. I have an amazing wife that supports me through all my endeavors. My family, always supportive. And my friends who are always amazing. 

I recently purchased a gun and I’m in the process of getting my life carry permit. For those wondering… I purchased a Glock 19. Amazing gun to shoot. 

Working security, I have become acquainted to many new people. Most of these new people are awesome, and some are becoming good friends. I have always been a person that enjoys meeting new people. I have always been a person that enjoys learning about people and how they live their lives. 

Well… Thats all for now. Stay tuned… I want to get back into blogging again. It’s like a diary… That the public gets to read.