CurrentC; What Retailers Want in Your Wallet


CVS and about 60 other businesses are wanting to create their own payment system called CurrentC. CurrentC doesn’t use NFC, it actually uses a QR Code??? Because this new payment system doesn’t use NFC, CVS has turned off ALL of the NFC enabled payment systems.



Seriously… this is the WORST decision that these companies can do. If you actually read into what CurrentC is, you’d want to stay far far away from it. Not only can CurrentC connect directly to you bank account, it can keep track of your purchases (and purchasing habits), and can get access to part of your phone that it doesn’t need to know (like Health data stored on your device).

CVS (and everyone else about to do this too)… you are in the wrong. What you are doing isn’t any different than saying… we don’t accept Visa and Mastercard anymore, only cash checks and American Express. SMH

google-wallet-logo Apple_Pay_logo.svg I hope Apple and Google take down this app. CurrentC should be stopped before it is even implemented. I use my phone with Google Wallet at CVS all the time. Two days ago, the transaction wouldn’t go through. The cashier and I didn’t know what the problem was. Now I know why it didn’t go through. Wow!

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