Our Vacation… Our Memories…


This vacation was an amazing one.  Not only did we have great weather for the majority of the time, it was also a great time with family.  We all enjoyed each others company, as well as, enjoyed our freedom to do individual things.



We had an awesome condo with lots of space and an incredible view…

Daytona Beach

We enjoyed wonderful walks on the beach every morning…

Daytona Beach Boardwalk

We visited the boardwalk…


We visited the light house…

Disney World Epcot

We visited Disney World’s Epcot…

Epcot Fireworks

Saw an amazing fireworks display at Disney World’s Epcot…

But to top it all off…


She said YES!


We are one happy couple in love!

If want to see more pictures of our vacation to Daytona Beach, click HERE!

To Be Continued…


The Devil Within…

Different Devils

Nothing To Do; All Day To Do It…

Nothing To Do


Vacation “Preparing”…

Hmmmmm… How about “procrastinating”. LOL


Actually, I have been preparing for my vacation this year better than I have ever planned any vacation before in my life.  I have made lists.  I have purchased stuff early (months early for some items).  I have been getting everything lined up to make this as easy and less stressful as possible.

We are heading to Daytona Beach, Florida on Friday.  This vacation is going to be amazing and fun on so many levels.  First off… my family will be there.  It will be nice to hang out with everyone for a week.  Family, in my life, is very important to me.  Secondly… my lady will be there with me.  This will be our first vacation together.  We have been preparing for this since March, so I know her and I will be very happy to feel the sand in-between our toes.


There is a lot planned.  We are going to wake up each morning.  Then we are going to go to the beach.  Then we are going to bed each evening.  Like I said… there is a lot planned. LOL.  Well… We are going to Disney World for one day, and I am sure we will hit up the lighthouse and chocolate store.  We will go to the Boardwalk and hangout around there for awhile.  We will probably play a game of putt-putt and eat some tasty ice-cream.

Whatever we do… whatever is done… this is going to be the start of wonderful things.

To be continued…


The Declaration of…








This is the day that the United States of America was found.  The thoughts, values, and principles that were laid out for this great nation has brought freedom and liberty to millions of humans on this planet.  One nation… Under God… with freedoms and the personal pursuit of happiness.

Happy Birthday America Eagle

Today is about remembering every person that has fought, who still is fighting, and who will fight to keep this country the best and freest Nation in the World.


America… Happy Birthday.  America… We Remember.  Thank You.



Google Glass: Update…

So I was able to purchase my Google Glass: Explorer Edition the other day…



However… I had to turn it down.  As much as I would like to have this… the cost was what turned me away.  I didn’t mind saving up the $1600 to get this product.  I didn’t mind saving up the $1600 to be a beta tester of this product.  The money for the product, at first, didn’t really mean much to me.  What bothered me was going to get the Google Glass…

Google expected me to fly out to California or to New York.  Paying for the Glass was already going to cost a leg… and then paying for the airfare, back and forth, to pick them up was going to cost me an arm.  Just airfare, alone, was going to run me around $600.  That would be ON TOP of the cost of the Google Glass.  This just started to look like a very very expensive beta project.

I was hoping Google would of included the pickup fee at no extra cost, and/or would have had the option to ship this to me.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get either.

So instead of helping Google beta test Project Glass… I will have to wait til these are available to the public in a year or two.  Instead… I used the money to purchase a new, much needed, laptop.

To all the folks that will have the Explorer Editions, I envy you and will be jealous.  I am sad that I passed on this opportunity; however, the cost could not be justified.