Dear Readers:

This is a subject that I have many strong feelings with, and as well, have come to an understanding and an acceptance about a few things… So before anyone judges me, please be aware that I am not passing judgement on others with this post; I am simply stating my opinion.  After all, that is what my blog is all about: my thoughts, my opinions.

Equality… what does this mean?  According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary it is “The state of being equal, esp. in status, rights, and opportunities.”  By this definition alone, I feel every human being has the right to be treated equally.  No… that doesn’t mean that everyone should be given a house.  No… that doesn’t mean that everyone should be given the most earned job.  No… that doesn’t mean that everyone should be able to enjoy the “finer things in life”.  I am simply stating… Everyone should have the opportunity for education.  Everyone should be able to be employed (given that the individual fits the description/requirements of that job).  Everyone should be able to have the opportunity to improve their lives.  Everyone should have the right at life.  Everyone should treat each other how you, yourself, would like to be treated.  I could go on… but you can see the point I am trying to make.  Everyone should have the right of live.

My view points on abortion and capital punishment of more of a conservative approach.  I believe in Pro-Life; however, I have also come to the conclusion that some people don’t believe in that.  And because of this conclusion, who am I to force my opinion upon them?  Also, I believe that if someone murdered another(s), that I would rather sentence capital punishment than let them live the rest of their life in prison.

Again… these are my view points.  My opinions…  I am not being a bigot.  I am not being racist.  I am not forcing my view points on someone else to make them have to follow.  I am simply stating what I feel is the correct choice.

When it comes to equality of marriage… I stand in a very confused state.  I feel that humans were created to love our neighbors as you love yourself.  That we should live a life that makes “you” happy, and uplift others to spread your joy.  After all… a loving and caring world is better place to live than this judgmental and hatred one we have right now.

I did go to church when I was young.  I have read a majority of The Bible.  I have an understand of how to walk the path of Jesus Christ.  Do I religiously follow this path? No.  Should I be? Probably.  Why don’t I?  This question goes full circle back to my very confused state.  According to The Bible… Homosexuality is a sin.  According to The Bible… All sins where forgiven when Jesus took his life for ours.  According to The Bible… Christians are suppose to love everyone and bring people closer to Jesus Christ.  So… according to what I have learned… I am suppose to be accepting and understand of your quote-on-quote sin, and I am suppose to love you and help you understand about Jesus Christ.  I am suppose to teach you how following His word will bring peace and acceptance into your life.

Is homosexuality a sin?  Depends on who you ask.  I believe that everyone sins.  We all have faults.  Am I know being a bigot and saying your fault is homosexuality? No.  I am simply stating that we all have personal issues that we can fix to make each of us a stronger person.  As to my knowledge… homosexuality is considered a sin if you believe in Christianity and a few other religious groups around the world.

Again… I am not forcing my opinions on anyone.  This is just my opinion.

Do I believe in protecting “marriage”?  Yes.  I feel marriage is a very special occasion between a “man” and a “woman” with God.  However… I do believe this opinion is biased because I believe in the Christianity definition of that word.  If you are not a Christian, you’re feelings/beliefs my be different.

So where does that bring me…

I have learned/accepted, as stated above, that people live around this world with different opinions.  Is anyone right?  No.  Is anyone wrong?  No.  After all… it is your opinion and not mine.  I am not the one in power to be judgmental… only one person can do the judging.  I have come to the conclusion that I cannot force my opinions/beliefs on others when it comes to the issue of marriage.  I have come to the conclusion that if you love someone, no matter who that someone may be, who am I to stand in the way of your happiness?

On a different but similar subject… I feel the LGBT is more upset over the governments definition of marriage than the religious beliefs of it.  Until yesterday… the government only viewed marriage as between a “man” and a “woman” (signed into law in 1996 by President Bill Clinton).  Because of this view-point, it denied many LGBT couples in having the same tax benefits and health benefits that all marriage couples currently have.  With a 5-4 ruling yesterday from SCOTUS, this view point has changed in the government.  SCOTUS voted to reject DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act), which depicted that a marriage is only between a man and woman, and because of this rejection; will allow homosexual couples the right to benefits that heterosexual couples have had for years.

Will everyone embrace homosexual marriages?  No.  This is something that the homosexual community must understand.  There will always be people that will see this lifestyle as inappropriate.  There will always be people that will see this lifestyle as a sin.  There will always be people that will see this lifestyle as disturbing.  So why force to change their mind?  Who cares… if you are happy with yourself and with the government for accepting your lifestyle… then why worry about what other people say?  To this I say… live life.  If you are happy… then why change?  I understand, from a state/federal government standpoint… you want equality.  I do believe the LGBT is on the right path to finally getting this equality, but everyone must understand that just because the government approves of it, it doesn’t mean everyone has to accept it (the lifestyle).

Will I ever accept it?  Probably not fully.  I don’t mind talking with, hanging with, partying with, homosexuals.  I have no problem with their presence. I have no problems being friends with them.  Will I ever attend a wedding in sharing his/her love with another?  Probably not.  Not because I am being rude… I just don’t, in my opinion, feel that lifestyle is appropriate.  But again… that is my opinion and I don’t force that on anyone.

But you are a Conservative… so by nature you are forcing your opinion…

To this, I say, my view points don’t match the few points of others.  Just because I choose to live a conservative lifestyle, that doesn’t mean that I am forcing my lifestyle on others.  So this argument needs to be put to rest with me.  There are many conservative Christians that have an understanding and acceptance of the lifestyles that another chooses.  And… these same conservative Christians don’t go out in the world and force their opinions.

Let me know your thoughts and opinons in the comments…


You Will Be Surely Missed…

MissYouThey say… Friends in life come and go…  Best friends in life never truly leave.

I have been best friends with Chimere Lawshe since 9th grade.  If you do the math, that would equal over 15 years of friendship.  Yup… that is half of my life, if you did that math.  I have been blessed to have such a wonderful and caring person walk into my life… one that I probably don’t deserve to have, but I am truly grateful to have.

Within the end of this month, she will be moving on to new beginnings… a new chance, at allowing her to become the woman that she wants to be for her daughter to see, and to allow her daughter the best opportunity.  I am not saying that what she has around here (in Indy) is bad… I am simply saying that she will have more opportunity to grow, within her company, with her daughter, than she currently has.

We have lots and lots of memories together.  We know each other’s families very well.  Her parents are awesome and fun folks.  I have enjoyed conversations with them.  Her siblings are all great.  Her brothers and I use to have fun, back in the day, with the different car audio systems I would have.  Her Grandmother (big ma) made the best sweet potato pie I have ever had.  In fact, because of her grandmother’s sweet potato pie, I started liking pies.

Her daughter is simply… beautiful.  She is a bright-minded, athletic, loving little diva.  She has tried almost every sport she can for her age.  She loves baseball and basketball, and I am for sure if football would allow her to, she would of knocked a few boys off their own feet. lol  Chay… your Uncle Rob will miss you.

As for my best friend… Chimere… you have been around through thick and thin with me.  Even at times when I have completely turned my back to you, when I needed you there, you still showed me love and gratitude.  What makes a true friend true?  Is being there for someone when in need, comforting and listening to his/her problems, and not expecting anything in return.  You have definitely showed this character.  You have a big heart, and you will bless many people in your new city with that, just as you have blessed many people in Indy with it.

Your drive with your career is strong.  You are going to fill your new position with ease and come out swinging when that first pitch is thrown.  You have organized some very cool events in Indy.  From the employee award parties to preparing for the Super Bowl, you have amazed me and many people at your talents.

I don’t like saying Goodbyes… I feel more like saying… “I’ll see you later.”  Cause after all… one way or anther… we always will ‘see each other later’.  Take care of yourself.  Take care of the little Miss.  Take care of the family.  We will all visit soon.  You will not be forgotten.  You have made your markings in Indy… and every person that has met you, will agree that you are a loving person.

Love Forever and Forever my Best friend,

Robert (aka Robbie aka Jon B aka Chad)