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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,500 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 4 years to get that many views.

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A Glimpse Into My Life… Pt. XII

Christmas Traditions…

For years I have always spent the night at my fathers house on Christmas Eve.  We (my father, my brother, and I) would wake up Christmas morning to breakfast and presents.  Breakfast was always cinnamon rolls accompanied with a Roselyn Bakery’s Alligator Cake.  We would place a candle on this Alligator Cake and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Jesus.  We would then start to open presents and enjoyed the time spent with each other.

After some time, I would leave to head over to my mother’s family Christmas gathering.  We would sit around and tell stories about different events in our lives.  Eat a wonderful lunch prepared by my grandmother, aunts, and mother.  We would then open gifts and enjoy spending some more time with each other.

Over the years my Christmas day evening would change.  First it was just hanging out and enjoying the evening with my inner family.  Later it became the tradition to head over to my mothers house to spend time with my brothers, their significant others and their children, and open gift there. We would enjoy a good dinner made by my mother.  Later, when I was married, this changed to heading down to Florence, Kentucky to spend time with my wife’s family and enjoy presents and dinner there.

Today is much more eventful.  I know spend the Christmas Eve evening with my second Mom’s (step-mother) family.  We enjoy a nice evening with dinner and gift exchanges.  I then go back into the tradition of spending the night at my fathers house with the same opening of presents and having breakfast as usual, however; this time it’s my father, step-mother, brother, and me (and sometimes my sister, brother-in-law, and their children). I then do the rest of the day like my normal tradition.  My evenings are usually relaxing at my house or a family members house enjoying conversation/movies.

What traditions do you have?  Where do you usually travel to on Christmas day?

To be Continued…


My Game…

Go To Jail

I am a King at this game, however; I do attend jail a bunch. lol