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All You Need is Love?

I hear this a lot… “All you need is love!”

Is love really THAT powerful that you can get through anything if all you had was it?

I question this a lot.  Mainly… because either I have never been truly in love before, or because the other person in the relationship wasn’t really in love; regardless, this has never ever been what was all I needed.  To me… love comes and goes.  I grew up believing that blood (family/friends) is thicker than water (relationships).  That there are lots of fish in the sea… so don’t dwell on just one fish.  Same meaning: Dont hold your breath on one aspect of your life… you may never breathe again.

Life is about living… and to me… love sometimes holds you down from living, if that love isn’t genuine.  Now… don’t get me wrong.  I believe in the theory of love.  I believe in what it stands for.  But… it seems to never be enough to hold me through the bullshit that relationships (i’m in) go through.  And… Yes… there is always bullshit…

I look at my past… and smile about all the beautiful ladies that have been in my life.  All the wonderful relationships that were started… and then at all the misery that one went through to get past that relationship… thats right, I said smile.  Why?  Why not?  Every event in my life is an opportunity to learn from it and make it better the next time.  So rather I win or lose… it all evens up with me.

The truth? The truth will bite you in the ass when you are looking dead at the picture.  The truth doesn’t need to hide… The truth is black and white.  And the truth will ALWAYS come out.  So if you or her/him doesn’t really love the other… that will become noticed sooner than later… at least… we hope sooner than later.

As I continue life and swim through this ocean… I will continue to take breaths, because the reality is, as much as each of us wants to be loved… someone of us will drown waiting around to long for it…

“To live doesn’t mean you’re alive” -Nicki Minaj


-The Other Point of View


The Question…


There are many things in life that one just will never understand… Even with questions being asked, one may still feel overwhelmed to understand a certain something. I often get confused where to draw the line of friendship, particularly with females. I, honestly, get along with females better than males. I find myself able to easily carry a conversation with a female with ease. But… should I pursue anything more? Does she like me in away that she would want to be pursued? I catch myself thinking this… just because we talk, does it actually many anything more than friendship.

I know I over think… and I know I can be a worrier (thanks Mom for that trait); however, my questions make absolute sense to ask. I am a single (well almost…) male. I am a loving person. I enjoy and love myself. I have great friends. I have a very loving family. But I am missing that one thing that people do yearn for… a companion… a female that will be there for me and vise versa.

For now… I am enjoying what life throws at me. The friendships that have began again, and the new friends that have walked into my life. I also agree with the statement: “if its meant to be, it will happen”. And also: “Everyone has someone out there for them”.

So for now… I’m going to enjoy the single life… drink my vodka and wines… and if some lady just happens to come up to me and say: “hello”… I will be open to the idea of something that could be great.

Let me know your thoughts on this topic… Why is it hard to date? When does the line get drawn? When is it too late to finally ask someone out?

-The Other Point of View

Climbing the Ladder

Every time my climbing seems to be going great… I roll the dice wrong and shoot down the snake…

Life is about taking chances.  Sticking your neck out.  Saying things and not holding back.  Even if it is a minor setback to your ultimate goals in life… these setbacks can be necessary to get you to your goals in life.  Life isn’t easy.  Life isn’t going to be an over-hand toss.  Its going to be a fast-ball, curve-ball, or knuckle-ball thrown right at your face.  You just better hope you are prepared with the right equipment to handle it.

Whatever you do… don’t settle.  If you feel, ultimately, that you need to keep “climbing that ladder”… then you must.  Only settlement will anger you.  Drive you crazy… leave you thinking “what if”.  When you met someone that you enjoy being around.  That can be with you to reach those goals.  Don’t let that person leave on the first pitch.  Fight for this person.  Be close with this person.  Love this person.  Cause at the end of the day… its not about how many breaths you take in life… its about the moments in life that takes your breaths away.

-The Other Point of View


“The opposite of light is not darkness. The opposite of life is not death. It is the absence of light and of life. As long as there’s a breath of life and a glimpse of light, there is hope. Always have hope.” -Natalie Mae Pei

-The Other Point of View

Twenty Questions About Me…

Time to answer some questions about me…

1. Whats your favorite thing about girls?
A: At first thought, I would say a girls ass. But actually it would be her smile.

2. Do you like soft sensual kisses?
A: Yes.

3. Do you like intense, passionate kisses?
A: Yes.

4. What do you think about bras and panties?
A: Depending on the style/look… they can be very sexy. But all is still better on the floor.

5. What flavor lipgloss do you like best, on a girl?
A: Strawberry.

6. Holding hands in public…yes or no?
A: Absolutely.

7. Do you like kissing or general public displays of affection in public?
A: Yes. I enjoy the excitement of getting caught…

8. What is your ideal first date?
A: Dinner or Coffee. A place that is public so you can talk.  Movies for a first date do
not make since, because you do not really get to know the person.

9. How long should a bf/gf wait and/or date before going to 1st base?
A: This depends… if you two really enjoyed each other, then on the first date…

10. 2nd base?
A: I would say date two, if date one went well, this would be appropriate.

11. 3rd base?
A: Third date or greater. I don’t like a female that is very easy in this area.

12. Home run?
A: Once 3rd base is hit… then I would say either that same day as or the next date.

13. How many gf’s has he had?
A: Wow… um… how many g/f in general have I had? Or??? lol.

14. Have you had sex?
A: Yes, I have definitely had sex.

15. If yes…with how many girls? If no…why not?
A: Since females always multiply a number with a mans number… then i’ll say 2.67 🙂

16. Could you sleep side by side with a girl you’re attracted to and not “get wood”?
A: No. I would eventually, at some point, get turned on.  Besides… that’s what you
want anyways.

17. What are your thoughts on masturbation?
A: I’m open to the idea completely. 🙂

18. Do you liked shaved “kittycats” or natural?
A: Definitely needs to be shaved.  If I take care of myself, then she damn sure better
take care of herself too.  Just saying…

19. Have you ever had phonesex?
A: Yes. Can get interesting.

20. Have you ever had cybersex?
A: Yes. Again, it can get interesting.

-The Other Point of View

Amazes Me, Pt. III

By now, you have probably heard about her… The “Tanning Mom” is what they call her.  She was accused of taking her 6-year-old daughter into a tanning bed.

What are your thoughts on this subject…

If he could bag douche…

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-The Other Point of View

Truth, Lies, and Silence…

Just a handful of quotes I thought I’d share…

“When truth is replaced by silence, the silence is a lie.”
― Yevgeny Yevtushenko

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

“Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons.”
― Michael Jackson

“Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.”
― Mark Twain

“The cruelest lies are often told in silence.”
― Robert Louis Stevenson

“Everything worth fighting for is hard.”
― Rachel Vincent

“A good man is as strong as the right woman needs him to be.”
― Gregory David Roberts

“The only truth is music.”
― Jack Kerouac

-The Other Point of View